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Upstate NY Seadogs

The Upstate New York Seadogs' website is a non-profit communication vehicle available to all individuals and clubs interested in paddling our lakes, rivers, and coast lines. It is also the virtual home of the Upstate New York Seadogs Club. Individuals (representing themselves or an outdoor organization) are welcome to post/advertise their trips on the Seadogs' forum as long as they are a registered Seadog member. Information provided on this site can be read by non-members.

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For your convenience, a launch site map , developed by the folks at, has been added to this site.

Our Mission.. encourage and support recreational paddling opportunities within and outside the upstate New York region, as well as to provide the means to network individuals, plan trips, highlight launch sites and emphasize safety. Registered individuals and clubs are encouraged to use the forum for planning/notifying weekday and weekend trips during any of the four seasons. The prime goal of any trip is to have fun.

For trips on the large Adirondack lakes as well as areas of the Hudson south of Waterford, the use of sea kayaks with spray covers (or canoes with experienced paddlers) is suggested because of distances which may be covered and extreme conditions which may be encountered (e.g. wind, waves, rain and snow). Paddlers joining a trip should have the full understanding that each paddler is ultimately responsible for their own safety.

(Note: To join a paddling trip, you must realize waters in the Adirondacks can be extremely dangerous, with winds in excess of 30 mph and waves approaching 4 feet high. Even though the trip might begin in mirror smooth waters, the weather can change rapidly. You must prepare for the worst, by being physically fit, carry appropriate safety/rescue equipment (e.g. life jacket, spray skirt, pump, paddle bag) and wearing clothes appropriate for the water and air temperature. You must fully accept that you are responsible for your own safety. Paddlers (as well as any boat owner) are typically good Samaritans and will always attempt to help those in distress, but they cannot be liable if problems occur. )

Acknowledgement- The UNY Seadogs expresses their sincere appreciation to Diana Mitchell who designed the UNY Seadogs emblem.